Nodes Rewards

Want to help power the Presearch Engine decentralized search engine? We need node operators to join the network and provide the engine with the processing power it needs to gather search results and provide them to the Presearch network.

In order to incentivize node operators who commit to providing consistent, stable and responsive computing resources, we are paying Presearch PRE tokens as rewards for node operators who stake a minimum of 4,000 PRE tokens on their node.

Rewards will be accumulated and made available in as close to real-time as possible to ensure that those running nodes receive sufficient compensation to cover their node operation costs, and to make the opportunity to power the Presearch decentralized search engine more attractive to operators.

We will be updating this page soon with a full overview of node rewards, but in the meantime you can find details on rewards eligibility and how rewards are calculated in our Node Rewards launch announcement.